Web Site:

Are there any set up fees?

What support do you offer?

I wish to start my own web site but I do not know how?

I wish to transfer my web site to you, how can I do this?

How long does it take to transfer my web site to you?

I want to change the domain name of my site, how do I do it?

How long does it take for my web page to be set up?

I would like several domain names to run from my site, can I do this?

Will I be able to see how many people come to my site?

What is Bandwidth?

What is site traffic?

Will there be any advertising on my site?

Do you offer phone support?







How many email accounts can I have?

Can all the email accounts have different names?

What size emails can I send?

What size emails can I receive?

How does the antispam filter work?

My password does not work?

How many emails can I keep in my own account?

Will my own account be private?

I want to sign up but I do not have a credit card?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Is it cheaper if I sign up for 2 years?

Are domain names free to monthly paying customers?










What is Frontpage?

How do I use FrontPage?

What is MySQL?


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